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The Rani & Randi Fund

This fund provides financial assistance to children who are currently involved in out-of-home placement (i.e. foster care, relative care, residential programming, impatient hospitalization, etc.)

The funds are intended to offset cost that typically is not covered by local/private agencies. Funding is typically approved for: school uniforms, driver’s education, various application fees, sporting events, travel expenses, housing deposits, furniture, etc.


Rani Santia Richardson

Born November 25, 1996, Rani Santia excelled and mastered most developmental areas at a fast rate. She is a critical thinker who is committed to fairness. Her social and leadership skills developed at an early age.

Her performance in early elementary school often featured performance in the top five percentile. She has a vivid memory and enjoys solving problems. Her love for others and travel has been noted by many.

Randi Renee Richardson

Born October 9, 1998, at an early age Randi Renee displayed a very clear and vibrant memory. Her elementary school performance features exceptional grades, a love for reading and participation in competitions.

She is fascinated with how and why things work. She is at her best when speaking or dancing before crowds. By nature, Randi is very social and given to being a leader. Her stable childhood, exposure to culture and meaningful relationships are her foundation.

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