Mental Health Counseling: For our on-line mental health counseling
services, there is no cost to send us an e-mail. There will be a $45 cost incurred for the response you will receive. The emails you send us may be upwards of 5 pages in length. There is a maximum of 4 responses (one per week) to an initial e-mail. Once the maximum is reached, additional charges are incurred.

All e-mails are sent directly to Recco Richardson. There are several protective factors in place to ensure your e-mail's confidentiality, integrity and privacy.

Business Counseling/Coaching: To participate in our business focused (i.e. entrepreneurship, supervision, etc.) on-line counseling/coaching services, simply follow the instructions/procedures found in our mental health counseling on-line services (see above). The cost and specifics for our business counseling/coaching are the same as those found with the mental health counseling on-line services.

Payment Options:

To start on-line counseling, simply click the button below to submit your payment online. You will be prompted to pay via paypal or credit card. Once your payment has been approved, email our office and provide your top three appointment times.

You may also pay by check. When paying by check, be
sure to write a note referencing your e-mail and the date that it
was sent. Once payment is recieved, your e-mail will be responded

Checks are to be mailed to:

Recco S. Richardson Consulting

6309 N. Saginaw St.
Flint, MI 48505


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